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WPG Vacuum Cups & Vacuum Lifters

Vacuum Cups and Vacuum Lifters by Wood's Powr-Grip® for Automotive Applications

Wood's Powr-Grip pioneered the use of hand-held vacuum cups and below-the-hook vacuum lifters in glass handling. WPG revolutionized the American glass industry when we developed pump-action vacuum cups in the 1960's, allowing installers to hold glass securely without lifting it by the edges. These cups featured Powr-Grip's patented red-line indicator, which warns the user of any significant vacuum loss, and a check valve, which allows the user to restore vacuum without losing a grip on the glass.

Today, Wood's Powr-Grip has expanded into many aspects of the automotive industry, bringing the same high standards of efficiency and security long enjoyed by auto glass installers. WPG offers hand-held vacuum cups and below-the-hook vacuum lifters for installing truck and auto body panels, windshields, windows, sun roofs, moon roofs, moldings and emblems. Our vacuum mounting cups also provide a superior way to attach tools used in windshield repair and paintless dent removal. In addition, Powr-Grip flat lifters and tilters are used extensively to manufacture large trucks and semi-truck trailers. Whether in the auto shop, the truck manufacturing plant or on the automotive production line, hand-held vacuum cups and below-the-hook vacuum lifters from Wood's Powr-Grip make automotive work easier and more efficient.

Wood's Powr-Grip Hand-Held Vacuum Cups
WPG Hand-Held Vacuum Cups
Put a handle where you need it on nearly any smooth, nonporous surface! Wood's Powr-Grip offers a full line of vacuum cups for lifting and carrying automotive windshields, side lites and body panels, as well as other automotive applications. Superior construction, close attention to detail during manufacturing, and individual testing have given Powr-Grip tools a reputation for excellence. The wide variety of standard WPG hand cups include models with flat pad faces, for quick attachment to flat surfaces, and models with concave pad faces, for effective attachment to curved or irregular surfaces.

Wood's Powr-Grip Below-the-Hook Vacuum Tilters
WPG Below-the-Hook Vacuum Tilters
Wood's Powr-Grip Tilters increase speed and efficiency when transferring sheet metals and glass between vertical storage and horizontal processing machinery, such as water jet cutters and CNC machines. At the same time, these Powr-Grip vacuum lifters reduce the risk of load damage by distributing the weight equally across the vacuum pads, providing support while the material is in motion. WPG tilters are indispensable for manufacturing large trucks and semi-truck trailers, as well as for moving auto body panels and glass on the production line.

Wood's Powr-Grip Below-the-Hook Vacuum Flat Lifters
WPG Below-the-Hook Vacuum Flat Lifters
Wood's Powr-Grip Flat Lifters are available in a wide variety of styles and capacities for handling horizontally oriented materials, including sheet and plate metals, sun roofs, moon roofs and auto body panels. These WPG vacuum lifters commonly feature adjustable pad frames, in order to handle irregularly shaped components or to avoid holes and surface obstructions. Standard vacuum pads attach quickly and easily, while also resisting abrasion from rough or contaminated surfaces.

Wood's Powr-Grip Vacuum Tube Lifters
WPG Vacuum Tube Lifters
The Vantage Series Tube Lifters expand an already extensive offering of Powr-Grip vacuum lifters for handling automotive components. Various configurations and options provide an affordable lifting solution for a limitless number of flat and curved materials alike, including windshields, windows, sun roofs and moon roofs, as well as auto body, truck and trailer components! Requiring only an overhead rail system or jib, the tube lifter itself serves as both the lifting hoist and vacuum attaching point. A wide variety of end effectors, accessories and options makes this line ideal for manufacturing, fabrication and warehouse operations.

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