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Wood's Powr-Grip's
Troubleshooting & Repair Workshop
Held Annually in May and November of Each Year

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Wood's Powr-Grip Company offers an Exchange and Repair Service to keep vacuum cups in top operating condition. Any N-Series Metal Handle cup or Vertical Handle cup (regardless of condition) may be returned to Wood's Powr-Grip in exchange for a remanufactured vacuum cup of the same model at a reduced cost. Because this service relies on a continued source of parts to recondition, a remanufactured vacuum cup is only available in exchange for another cup. Vacuum cups that qualify for the Exchange Program are:

N4300, N4950, N4950TS (with 8" [20 cm] diameter, flat G0695 or G0695TS pad)
N4850LLM (with 8" [20 cm] diameter, lipped VPFS8L pad)
N5300, N5450 (with 9" [23 cm] diameter, flat G0725 pad)
N5450CS (with 9" [23 cm] diameter, concave VPCS9 pad)
N6300, N6450 (with 10" [25 cm] diameter, concave G0750 pad)
LJ6VH (with 6" [15 cm] diameter, concave LJ6 pad)

Other Wood's Powr-Grip cups may be returned for repair. Both remanufactured (exchanged) and repaired vacuum cups meet exacting factory specifications and pass the same tests as new products. In addition, Wood's Powr-Grip automatically replaces the carrying case for all N-Series vacuum cups when they are exchanged (effective August 1, 2006). All other vacuum cups are also shipped from the factory in a carrying case or with a pad cover, depending on the model. This helps to protect the vacuum cup during return shipping. Remanufactured vacuum cups are usually shipped by the next business day following receipt, although larger orders may take longer, depending on the quantity requested. Price varies according to the type of vacuum cup and the services received.

Note: For faster service and reduced shipping costs, many dealers now stock Exchange cups. Check with our authorized Wood's Powr-Grip Exchange cup dealers for more information about the services they provide.

To assure that your Exchange and Repair Service request is received and processed properly, we have made available an EXCHANGE AND REPAIR FORM.  Simply click the previous link, fill in the required information, click print and return the completed form with the vacuum cup to be returned. 

We have also provided you with this SHIPPING LABEL to make the return process that much more convenient. 

To open these forms you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can download it by clicking on the Adobe Acrobat Reader icon to the right.Download Adobe Reader for free

To receive factory repair or exchange services in North America:

1. Attach the following information to the vacuum cup:

Company Name
Your Name
(or name of person to contact, if questions arise)
Street Address (for UPS Delivery)
City, State, Zip
Phone Number
Company Name and Address for invoicing
(if different from the shipping address)
A description of any problem or special instructions. Please indicate whether you believe a problem to be covered under Warranty.

Notes: An additional handling fee may be assessed if this information is not provided in a clearly legible format.  To avoid delay and assure that all necessary information is provided, please download the Exchange & Repair Form and the accompanying Shipping Label.

2. Place the vacuum cup in its protective carrying case or attach its protective pad cover (whichever applies), and pack the cup in any suitable box.

Note: If you are shipping an N-Series vacuum cup, most carriers will accept the carrying case without other packaging. However, make sure the case is securely taped shut.

3. Ship the package, with the postage paid, via your most convenient package delivery service (if package pick-up service is desired but not available, contact Wood's Powr-Grip for advice). Securely attach a label to the package addressed to:

Wood's Powr-Grip Co., Inc.
908-I West Main Street
Laurel, MT U.S.A. 59044

You will be billed for the services provided (excluding warranty service) and the return postage. Unless otherwise requested, vacuum cups will be returned via United Parcel Service.

To receive services outside of North America:

Contact the Technical Sales Department at Wood's Powr-Grip Co. or your dealer for assistance.

For pricing or additional information, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Environmental conditions can affect product performance and longevity; consult the product instructions or contact a Technical Sales Representative for more information.
Rev 1.8 / 05-13 Based on product information at time of publication.

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