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Service & Support | Actions | Leasing Powr-Grip Equipment

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Wood's Powr-Grip Vacuum Lifter Lease Equipment

Wood's Powr-Grip® and a number of its dealers have below-the-hook lifters available for lease. Please contact our technical service department for information about dealers who lease Powr-Grip vacuum lifters.

At the Powr-Grip production facility, we currently stock several different styles of below-the-hook vacuum lifters for lease purposes, as shown in the following table. All are equipped with 12-volt DC power systems, for cord-free operation on the job site. This lease equipment is available for use within the United States and Canada only.

[500 kg]
58-3/4" x 92"
[1491 x 2335 mm]
Continuous 360º edgewise rotation; Mechanically assisted 90º tilt between upright and flat Spec Sheet 8-8
P2110445DC CHANNEL LIFTER - P2 (4.5) 1400 lbs
[635 kg]
51" x 54-1/4"
[1295 x 1378 mm]
180º edgewise rotation; 90º tilt between upright and flat Spec Sheet 4-2
P211047DC CHANNEL LIFTER - P2 (7) 1400 lbs
[625 kg]
51" x 84-1/4"
[1295 x 2140 mm]
180º edgewise rotation; 90º tilt between upright and flat Spec Sheet 4-3
MR1611LDC MANUAL ROTATOR 2800 2800 lbs
[1270 kg]
49" x 132"
[1245 x 3353 mm]
Continuous 360º edgewise rotation Spec Sheet 6-4
[270 kg]
37" x 92-1/2"
[940 x 2352 mm]
180º edgewise rotation; 90º tilt between upright and flat Spec Sheet 8-11
[725 kg]
see lifter
Positions loads under gables, overhangs or similar obstructions Spec Sheet OPT-10

The MRTA611LDC features a highly adaptable pad frame, to accommodate a wide variety of load sizes and shapes. It also comes with a Dual Vacuum System, designed to reduce the risk of falling loads in the case of an accident. The P2 Channel Lifters are very popular in the glass industry for their higher capacity and unique capabilities when combined with a Counterbalance Lifter. In addition to a wide variety of pad frame configurations, the MR1611LDC has enormous capacity for lifting heavy loads, such as preassembled curtainwall sections. The Panel Master (MRTALPR4FS625DC) is specifically designed to lift insulated metal panels and other cladding materials with a variety of dimensions and contours. It also features a Dual Vacuum System. Please consult the appropriate Spec Sheet number for more information about these vacuum lifters.

Also available for lease is the CB2DCS, a Counterbalance Lifter which allows loads to be positioned under overhangs, roof gables and similar obstructions, by extending the load away from the lift slings. It features a specialized fixed mount for use in conjunction with Powr-Grip's P1-DC, P2-DC and MRTALP Series vacuum lifters, as well as a universal hook mount to accommodate all other kinds of vacuum lifters and end effectors. Powr-Grip's Channel Lifters can also be inverted on the Counterbalance Lifter for reverse-angle installations, such as those in airport control towers.

Due to demand, Powr-Grip lease equipment is available on a first come, first served basis. The minimum duration of any lease is one week (e.g., eight days' use results in a charge for two weeks' lease). Wood's Powr-Grip must receive a lease agreement and a security deposit in order to reserve a vacuum lifter. Please contact Wood's Powr-Grip Technical Sales for assistance in filling out the form or for current lease rates and availability.

Customers are responsible for all shipping charges; however, Wood's Powr-Grip prefers to make arrangements for shipping the leased equipment both to and from our facility. Because of the volume of freight we ship, often we are able to negotiate a lower shipping cost. Transit time is not included in lease costs, provided that the customer furnishes a signed bill of lading showing the date the unit was received. Contact Wood's Powr-Grip Technical Sales to arrange return shipping.

Once the lifter is returned, we inspect it, repair it (if necessary), and reimburse the customer for the balance of the deposit. Please refer to the Lease Agreement Terms and Conditions for complete information about leasing Wood's Powr-Grip lifters.

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