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Service & Support | Parts | 4-1/2" [11 cm] Vacuum Mounting Cups

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4-1/2" [11 cm] Vacuum Mounting Cups

Parts for 4-1/2" [11 cm] Vacuum Mounting Cups
(Models LJ45AMP and LJ45AMC)

Please Read This Before You Order Parts!

Wood's Powr-Grip® has placed these vacuum cup parts on line for easy identification by our customers. Please be advised that improper installation of these parts will compromise the performance of your Wood's Powr-Grip product. Further, improper parts installation or alteration of your Wood's Powr-Grip vacuum cup will void your warranty. Normally, a better alternative to fixing your vacuum cup yourself is the Wood's Powr-Grip Exchange and Repair program. This program guarantees your product is properly reconditioned and performs to original factory specifications. Plus these factory rebuilt cups are available through most of our major distributors including C.R. Laurence. In many cases, it will save you time and money over repairing vacuum cups on your own. Before you order parts for your old Wood's Powr-Grip products, please take a moment to explore our Exchange and Repair Program as a cost-effective alternative.

1)  60024 Air Filter
2)  Release Tab
3)  Plunger
4)  Red Line
5)  90111 Pump
6)  15790 T-Handle (fits on 1/4-20 stud)
7)  60181 Accessory Mount - Polycarbonate - 1/4-20 Insert
      60180 Accessory Mount - Polycarbonate - 1/4-20 x 3/8" Stud
8)  49345T Vacuum Pad - 4-1/2" [11 cm] Diameter - Concave Face
9)  10024 Screw

29308 Pad Cover - for 4-1/2" [11 cm] Vacuum Pads
28502 Plunger Lube

For pricing and delivery information, please contact the Wood's Powr-Grip Dealer nearest you.
For additional information, feel free to contact one of our Technical Sales Representatives.

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