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Do you have a great photo of Wood’s Powr-Grip equipment in action? If so, we'd like to see it here!
Send it to us by filling in the information below. We will place your company name, city and the Wood's Powr-Grip equipment model on the image. Within a few days, visitors to our site will be able to view your photo!

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Everyone who submits a picture of Wood's Powr-Grip equipment in use, through this website, will receive a free Wood's Powr-Grip Hat.
If we use your photo in our marketing materials, such as brochures or advertisements, we'll send you a Wood’s Powr-Grip N4000 hand-held vacuum cup FREE!!!

      *  All photo entrants will receive a free Wood's Powr-Grip hat.
      *  The owner of a photo used in brochures or advertisements will receive a free N4000 hand-held
            vacuum cup. 
(If an N4000 hand-held vacuum cup is not available, a substitute hand-held vacuum cup of
                comparable value may be awarded, the model of which will be determined solely by an authorized
                Wood's Powr-Grip designee.)

      *  Hand cups will not be given to every photo contest entrant.
      *  Any photos uploaded to the Wood’s Powr-Grip website become the property of Wood's Powr-Grip
            Co., Inc. and may be edited and used by Wood’s Powr-Grip on the website or in other promotional
      *  A model release must be obtained from all persons visible in the photo.  If you do not have a standard
            model release form, you can DOWNLOAD ONE HERE.
      *  Please do not upload photos which are obscene in nature or which are in violation of a copyright.

Only photos that are submitted at 300 dpi, in .jpg, .tif, or .gif format can be utilized.  Be sure of the file resolution and format before making your submission. 

By submitting a photo, you are attesting that you are the owner of the photo, and that you have obtained the necessary model release for each individual visible in the photo.  Wood's Powr-Grip shall be held harmless for any photo that is submitted without proper authorization.  We will immediately remove from view any photograph that is submitted without the written consent of the persons in the photo, or which is determined to be in violation of copyright laws.

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